Care and Keeping

The ideal temperature to store the chocolate is between 60 and 70 degrees F. Do not store your chocolate in the refrigerator, due to the low temperature and high humidity. Chocolate stored in the refrigerator will sweat, which means that a layer of moisture will form on the surface of the chocolate, resulting in a stickiness when cooled.
Find a cool, dry place in your home such as a cupboard or pantry to keep chocolate. Gourmet chocolate should be treated and stored as you would fine red wine. If it is just too hot and you must rely on your refrigerator to avoid melting, be sure to let it sit at room temperature before eating.
Chocolate that is allowed to get warm will begin to melt, allowing the cocoa butter to rise to the surface, creating "bloom". Chocolate bloom will be noted as white streaks or dots on the surface of the chocolate. Chocolate bloom does not affect the taste of the chocolate, but will alter the texture somewhat if not retempered.

Gift Ideas

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new york times, mimi sheraton